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ICOS Consulting PLC
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We are leading this sector since 2009.


Company acquisition is a complex process that goes through a range of stages and considerations. Acquisition opportunities arrive in a random sequence, which implies that a decision-maker will not have the luxury of comparing one deal with another. Further, it is not possible to value all potential candidates before taking a decision. This calls for undertaking due diligence and valuation. Due diligence is a systematic process of acquiring and analyzing information, which helps a buyer or a seller determine whether to proceed with a transaction or not. Our due diligence focuses on key areas such as customers, suppliers, employees, financials, regulatory compliance, legal and others assessments that really drive the value of the acquisition. We also apply acceptable methodologies to determine the market value of companies. We combine the widely used discounted cash flow method with other methods with the aim to eliminate some of the uncertainty and get at least within close distance of the right value.


We have a consulting model that creates innovative solutions and builds capabilities at the same time. Rather than tell clients what they should do, we help them discover their own highest-value opportunities through rigorous, fact-based analysis of their sectors, customers, stakeholders, and competitors.

Although every client and engagement is different, the following basic principles inform our approach.

. Evidence-based – We confront each challenge or opportunity without preconceived notions, and our recommendations are based on facts rather than assumptions. Every solution we propose is informed by a combination of in-depth research and rigorous analysis and is tailored to the specific dynamics of the client’s organization. We support our research with the use of proprietary digital data gathering and analysis tools.

. Competence and real-world expertise – Our multidisciplinary team is skilled in strategic management, governance and leadership, monitoring and evaluation, economics, marketing management, information systems, public health, project management, education and training, financial management, and human resource management. Our experts bring real-world experience and hands-on involvement to every engagement. We bring deep sector and industry expertise to each client we serve, gained from both direct sector and industry experience and a wide range of consulting engagements. We use a broad base of experience to analyze problems and provide insightful solutions. Our processes and methods have been refined over the years.

. Diverse network of consultants and regional presence. Solving complex and unique problems that face organizations today demands a wide range of skills and experiences. By relying on a nationally distributed talent base coordinated to work together from the center, Icos brings together the skills required by a particular client. Icos also has a network of specialist consultants, researchers and experienced data collectors at regional capital cities and other larger towns that it engages on project basis.

. Collaborative: Our senior consultants lead every assignment and are 'on the ground' to work together with client teams. This joint team approach is critical to develop solutions that are uniquely tailored to the organization’s needs and to ensure a sense of ownership throughout. Our collaborative approach fosters constructive change in organizations and helps achieve the joint accountability and buy-in required to make change stick.

. Facilitator and Catalyst: We believe that the most valuable contribution any outside adviser can bring is revealing that the capabilities and insights within the organization are capable of producing real change. But we bring fresh perspective to bear on complex issues. We help clients see their organizations in new ways and broaden their sense of what is possible.

. Value-focused and practical: We only recommend what we believe in and what is both pragmatic and actionable. And we’re accountable. We will not take on an assignment unless we are confident that our work will produce tangible results. We don't offer advice that's impractical to execute.

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